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If you appraise, evaluate, repair, identify or own farm equipment, the Farm Equipment Guide is your single source to thousands of prices, serial numbers and specifications on over 100 top manufacturers!

• 14 types of equipment
• Over 100 manufacturers
• 1980 & newer equipment
• 46 horsepower & up on tractors
• Ag Telehandlers

The Compact Tractor Guide is a comprehensive source of specifications, serial numbers, and pricing information on riding, garden and compact tractors.

• Compact, riding, zero turn and commercial tractors 
• Over 85 manufacturers
• 1980 to current
• 15 to 45 hp tractors
• New in 2015 optional equipment specifications & pricing

The Antique Tractor Guide is a guide on specifications, serial numbers, and auction and retail pricing for antique tractors and crawlers, 1974 and older.

• Antique tractors and crawlers

• Over 95 manufacturers

• 1979 and older 

• New in 2011 paint codes and paint history

The Construction Equipment Guide is a quick reference guide that provides specifications, serial numbers, retail and auction pricing on construction equipment.

• 18 types of equipment
• Over 200 manufacturers
• 1960 and newer equipment
• Available in print & online

The Transportation Dimension Guide is a quick reference guide on transportation dimensions for Construction, Crane, Lifting and Agricultural Equipment.

• Dimensions include weight - height - length and width
• 1960 to current models available
• Over 500 pages

The Material Handling Guide is a comprehensive source of specifications, serial numbers, and pricing information on Aerial Lifts, Forklifts and Telehandlers.

• Aerial Lifts, Forklifts, and Telehandlers with a 500 pound lifting capacity and up.
• Over 160 manufactureers
• 1978 to current

The Crane Guide includes crane pricing, serial numbers, specifications, weight and machine dimensions.

• Ten Categories of Cranes
• Over 100 manufacturers
• 1960 to current

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