Look for Healthy Outlets When Winter Stress Builds

The snow is piling up. The temperature is going down. There is no starting your car and there is no stop in shoveling the snow. Your pulse is racing and your blood pressure is up.

Stress is taking its toll.

Stress becomes more severe as one stressful episode after another occurs, such as when winter snowstorms hit one after another then adding cold temperatures, cabin fever, stalled cars, farming difficulties, financial woes and other winter-relate concerns and stress can build at a rapid rate.

People who have only limited resources for coping with stress are more likely to see stress levels build. Resources include such things as social support from friends and family, an ability to talk through problems, and past experiences.

Here is a list of a few things to remember when stress is building up in you:

  • Keep things in perspective: Are these winter storms a tragedy or a challenge?
  • Are these winter storms in your control or out of your control?
  • Seek out others to discuss concerns and problems and remember to also be a good listener to others that might have the same feelings and concerns.
  • Give yourself an attitude adjustment, the spin you put on any situation may make a big difference in how much stress you feel.


Stress can be a serious problem, so if you notice a big change in your attitude or behavior, sleeping or eating habits, increased irritability or depression these are warning signs and you may want to seek help.

Remember relax, stay warm and let the wind blow.

Happy New Year from the Hot Line Farm Equipment Guide staff.

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