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Take Advantage of This Once-A-Year Opportunity!

Priority placements are now being reserved for the 2021 Farm Equipment Guide Quick Reference Guide!

The all new 2021 "Blue Book" for farm machinery promises to be the best edition ever! Available to agricultural producers and businesses in December, this guide provides You can market your products and services to these qualified readers for a single, economical cost.


  • The "blue book" is used by thousands of ag producers nationwide.
  • This circulation is to paid subscribers! They subscribe to the guide because they need it and use it.
  • An annual edition means it is only published once a year - they refer to it over and over again, giving your message the opportunity to be seen more than once.
  • An easy to use products/services section makes your products easy to locate.
  • Invoiced in December 2020


Farm Equipment Guide
Full color rates:     Black and White rates:
Front Cover (Vol. I) $6,353        2 x 2 $204
Front Cover (Vol. II) $3,812        2 x 3 $308
Inside Front Cover $3,003        Quarter page   $506
Inside Back Cover $2,794        Half Page   $842
Back Cover (Vol. I) $4,334        Full Page   $1,364
Back Cover (Vol. II) $3,498      
Ad on Spine $3,179      
Full page $2,123      
Half page $1,227      
Quarter page $825      
Full color Ad Sizes:
Front Cover - 4.6" x 4.5"
Back Cover - 4.6" x 6.29"
Full page - 4.6" x 7"
Full page with bleed - 4.6" x 4.5" - 5.32" x 8.63"
1/2 page horizontal - 4.6" x 3.45"
1/2 page vertical - 2.29" x 7"
1/4 page - 2.29" x 3.46"
2x4 - 2.29" x 2.75"
2x3 - 2.29" x 2.04"
2x2 - 2.29" x 1.33"

If you are an advertiser in the monthly editions of Hot Line Farm and Antique Equipment Guide Digital monthly update, you may qualify for a discount in the annual. The qualified readers, great rates, and reliable medium give you the opportunity to showcase your products and services!



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